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A-Team Physical Therapy 99 Northfield Avenue Suite 7 West Orange NJ 07052 973.736.1090 http://ateamptnj.comWhether you suffer ongoing aches and pains from daily activity, received an injury from sports or experience overall consequences of being an athlete or physically active person, you will receive relief when you work with our specialized group of “Sports Medicine Specialists”.

“Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service” team are devoted to the treatment of injuries sustained while playing sports. These injuries include: the musculoskeletal system, with a special focus on shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, foot, and ankle injuries.

Our sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons are fellowship trained in sports medicine. They are joined by highly skilled physical therapists and athletic trainers with special training in sports medicine and the latest tools and techniques to speed your recovery.

“The Service” is completely dedicated to delivering a wide range of treatments for the improvement of an athlete’s overall health for the duration of their careers. We take our responsibility seriously and we guide our patients carefully through the consultation process, surgery and rehabilitation, making certain that each person’s requirements for performance are cared for. “The Service” also offers physical therapy, performance, sports psychology, and nutrition services.

We are the preeminent center for Sport’s Medicine. The physicians and surgeons we work with deliver the most complete care to help you deal with and recover from any sport or work injury.

Our Services include:

  • Advanced arthroscopic “minimally-invasive” techniques
  • Non-surgical approaches to a variety of sports related injuries
  • Primary care management of medical conditions in athletes
  • Comprehensive rehabilitative and functional evaluation
  • Athletic training and community outreach

We stress immediate or same-day access and early intervention to provide accurate diagnosis and proper treatment in a timely manner. These elements are essential to returning you to optimal pre-injury condition.

Our Sports Medicine physicians also employ advanced techniques to aid healing, including injections using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, phototherapy, and stem cell tissue regeneration.

When surgery is required, we utilize the most cutting-edge technologies and procedures. With more than 3,000 surgeries performed annually, our physicians are some of the best trained and experienced surgeons in the country.

Surgical interventions include cartilage repair/restoration. Contact us for more information at 973.736.1090.