Patient Info

Your first visit:

You can expect a thorough and complete evaluation, to establish an individual treatment plan based on your diagnosis, to help meet your goals.  During the evaluation, you will have an opportunity to discuss your diagnosis, help set the therapy goals and gain an understanding of the expectations of regular therapy attendance.


Please wear loose comfortable clothing that will allow access to the body part you want us to evaluate.  We recommend supportive athletic footwear and gym clothes that will allow you to participate in exercise, and move freely.  Shorts or sweat pants are appropriate for low back/hips/knees/ankles.  T-shirts are appropriate for neck/shoulder/ back.


Physician Communication:

Communication with your referring physician is an important part of your therapy to ensure consistent quality care as changes and improvement occurs.  You should expect a progress note to be faxed or sent with you each time you return to your physician.